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All about saving money on business energy, electricity and gas

Credit scores and business energy – what’s the deal?

Your business’s credit score plays a significant role in determining energy prices and also which energy suppliers you have access to. A better credit score means lower costs and access to a broader range of suppliers. The reason energy suppliers use your credit score...

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Changes for Business Energy Switching Says Utility Week

EnergyBillKill strongly advocates lower business energy switching costs. In a recent Utility Week article we voiced our support for cold calling regulations and transparency in how business energy switching works. "Michael Rossman, a co-founder of business energy...

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Business energy switching, how to guide- lowering costs

The business energy switching process can be more complex than switching your home energy supplier. Your energy usage and location largely determine which deals you have access to. On top of that, there’s broker fees to contend with. These sometimes drive up the price...

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Beating the rising cost of energy- the quick guide

Energy costs money. No surprise there. What might surprise you is the sheer number of price hikes energy suppliers throw at us. Ofgem’s newly announced price cap rise, effective from 1 April, marks this year’s first. In 2018, there were 57 price increases....

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SSE Energy Services & Business Energy Prices

Business energy prices have risen substantially. A number of energy suppliers have tried to merge and become even bigger. One such example is SSE Energy. They recently tried to merge with nPower. However, this did not work out. This can be good news for competition...

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Why do 40% of businesses not switch energy supplier?

Running a business is a full time occupation; you’re dealing with customers, suppliers, staff and other problems 24/7. You have your priorities and business energy costs are not always top of the list Recent stats from Ofgem tell us that 40% of businesses haven't...

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Bristol launch and the amazing Miles Chambers

Miles Chambers, the amazing Bristol based poet, loved what EnergyBillKill is doing. We ran into Miles when launching EnergyBillKill in Bristol last week and he was awesome. Check out his poetry about Bristol and EnergyBillKill. Thanks Miles! you are the...

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